Selection of projects

1994 - 2012 projects in collaboration with Hanns Jörg Schrade --> Persons involved in the projects
2006-09 International Visitors Center of Bavarian Building Industry (Bauwirtschaft)
for Technische Universität München
2007-08 Production hall 2, Seele in Gersthofen  
2006-08 Training Centre for the Bavarian mountain rescue  
2005-08 Solar residential buildings for the City of Rome Lunghezzina II
together with F. Tucci, Italy (in planning phase)
2005-07 Housing development in Aarhus / Denmark  
2004-07 Housing development in Munich-Riem WA3  
2004-07 Administration building Atlantic-Haus in Hamburg  
2004-05 Pavilions for the national garden festival BUGA 2005 in Munich  
2003-08 Solar Schools for hot countries (in planning phase)  
2003-07 Transformation of an old school into shops and offices, Pordenone, Italy  
2003 Staff-kindergarten in Wiesbaden  
2002-06 Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in Garching near Munich  
2002-03 Production hall 1, Seele in Gersthofen  
2001-03 Renovation of administration building in Wiesbaden  
2000-05 Housing development in Munich-Riem WA1  
1999-00 Large-scale roof structure with pavillions in Hanover (EXPODACH)  
1998-02 Centre for Environment Related Communication (ZUK) in Osnabrück  
1996-99 Administration building Hanover  
1995-04 Housing development Solar City in Linz-Pichling, Austria  
1994-03 Administration centre in Wiesbaden  
1994-99 Housing development (400 dwelling units) Holzstrasse in Linz, Austria  
1994-97 Filling station, rest and service facilities Lechwiesen  
1994-96 Hall 26, Deutsche Messe AG in Hanover  
1988-93 Congress Hotel in Linz, Austria  
1988-93 Congress and exhibition centre in Linz, Austria  
1989-92 Production halls and central energy plant in Eimbeckhausen  
1987-91 Guest Building for the Youth Educational Centre in Windberg  
1986-89 Two-family house in Pullach  
1983-85 Construction System for solar houses in Sulmona, Italy  
1983-85 Courtyard housing in Britz, Berlin  
1983-84 Medical office in Bad Lippspringe  
1983-84 House in Öhringen  
1982-84 Building materials store in Lohhof  
1982-84 House in Waldmohr  
1981-83 Housing group in Kranichstein  
1979-82 Housing development in Munich  
1977-79 House in Regensburg  
1966-68 Summer house on Chiemsee

Projects in China
2010 Museum in Wuxi
2006 Academy of Arts in Gunagzhou
2005 Urban Planning in Shenyang
2005 Clubhouse in Shenyang
2004-07 Administration building in Shanghai / China (in planning phase)

2001 International Convention Exhibition and Sport Center / Competition